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Geo-constructions Tools
Geo-Construction Tools
Boart Longyear began manufacturing overburden drilling products in 1989 at our Burghaun facility in Germany to serve the foundation construction market in Europe. From the start, our customers appreciated our use of high-quality steels, precise heat treating friction welding and thread gauging as well as the development of new tungsten carbides for the drill bit line. Boart Longyear geo tools were quickly recognized by the industry as reliable and well-designed have become one of most respected in the industry.
Boart Longyear's advanced manufacturing abilities not only result in quality products, but also enables Boart Longyear to produce custom tooling for unique drilling environments and applications. Within its geo tools line, Boart Longyear provides tooling for overburden cased drilling systems, jet grouting systems and ground freezing systems.

Overburden Cased Drilling Systems
Tools that allow controlled drilling in heaving sand and gravel conditions.

Jet Grouting System
These tools play an important role in ground modification / ground improvement.

Ground Freezing System
Prevent water intrusion and provide structural support for excavation with these tools.