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Horizontal and Vertical Drilling
Cutterheads and integrated cutting systems
The core business of Palmieri Tunnelling and Drilling is the design and manufacture of Cutterheads or, to be more accurate, of integrated cutting systems for any kind of Tunnel Boring, Drilling and mechanized excavation in general, from horizontal TBM boring to vertical drilling, either raise boring or blind boring types.

Raise Boring Heads
In over 30 years of activity, Palmieri’s group accumulated a remarkable know-how when it comes to designing, engineering and manufacturing Raise Boring Cutterheads, as commonly used for vertical or horizontal drilling operations on hard geological formations such as granite, quartzite as well as any other high strenght materials.
By analysing the geological specifications of the ground and the type of RBM equipment to be used, we can design the most appropriate cutterhed configuration by selecting the most suitable roller cutters and cutting spacings so to ensure that the highest cutting speeds combined with the lowest cost per cubic metre can be achieved, without comprimises.