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Diamond Core Drilling Tools
Boart Longyear™ is globally recognized as the leader in exploration drilling technology and is dedicated to the development of diamond core drilling products. Our customers find it in our legacy of innovation as well as our recent product designs and advanced technology. They trust us to deliver the most innovative, advanced and complete solution available resulting in unmatched productivity year after year.

Worldwide, our customers drill millions of meters in almost every conceivable formation and have obtained impressive gains in core recovery. Trusting the performance of Boart Longyear diamond core drilling products, our customers see cost savings, increased productivity and a safer workplace.

Roller LatchTM
New underground head assembly featuring patent-pending Roller Latch™ technology.
Genuine Q™ Wireline Coring System Boart Longyear introduced the wireline core retrieval system in 1958, being the first diamond drilling exploration product manufacturer to offer this revolutionary system.

Ultramatrix™ (UMX™)
An innovative and versatile new line of diamond coring bits using patent-pending technology. With several technologically advanced features, the bits make diamond coring more efficient than ever before

TSD Bits
The TSD bit is used for fast penetration in soft/medium rock formations. TSDs are a cost effective alternative for large stone surface set bits.

PCD Bits
PCD bits are made for cutting softer formations at high penetration rates. They typically have round PCD cutters that can be replaced, extending the life of the bit.

Carbide Chip Bits
The carbide chip bit is a general purpose bit for geo-technical applications used primarily in soft formations. This is a cost-effective alternative to carbide tooth bits.

Directional and Wedging Bits
Directional bits are used with down hole motors to steer the drill string in different directions. Wedging bits are made to follow wedges set in the bore hole with the intention of altering the hole direction.

Casing Shoes
Boart LongyearTM casing shoes are heavy-duty products that can match up to the toughest formations and hold in very abrasive, fractured formations.

Reaming Shells
Boart LongyearTM reamers feature increased stability and reduced vibrations due to the specially designed spiral pads and a number of other key benefits.