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BLKorea breakers have been the foundation of customer's business success because of high quality, reliability, durability, and quality customer support capability.

[Product Line-up]
SB Line

SB Compact Series :
Compact & medium range
(Carrier weight 0.8~16.0 ton)

SB TS-P Series (Silenced type) :
Compact, medium & heavy-duty range
(Carrier weight 0.8~55.0 ton)

[Product Line-up]
SQ Line

Premium Class (Silenced type) :
Medium & heavy-duty range
(Carrier weight 15.0~90.0 ton)

[Product Line-up]
SU+ Line

SU+ TR-F Series (Semi-silenced type) :
Medium & heavy-duty range
(Carrier weight 12.0~70.0 ton)

SU+ TS-P Series (Silenced type) :
Medium & heavy-duty range
(Carrier weight 12.0~70.0 ton)

Materials selected through strict quality tests

The materials that the company uses, including cylinders, pistons, through bolts, back heads, and front heads, are highly reliable because they go through the company's strict quality management system and boasts of high quality that is secured through the cooperation with SeAHBesteel (formerly known as KIA Steel).

Heat treatment know-how

Main parts that have a direct impact on the performance and life span of breakers are excellent and stable in quality because they are heat-treated using the company's latest facilities and application of technological experience, which have been accumulated over the past years.

Excellent quality secured through precision machining

The series of products are made through the company's investment in its facilities. As they are manufactured using high-tech precision machinery, fluctuation in quality is decreased while quality of precision is increased.

Strict quality assurance system

The company applies and operates the ISO quality management system in terms of product design, manufacturing, testing of all products, and follow-up management after shipping. In particular, key parts are managed after being sold, by tracking their individual identification numbers to duly manage customer satisfaction.

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