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   WATER STOP Manual.pdf (528.9K) [6] DATE : 2016-03-31 14:33:51
Water Stop

Softness PVC
Water Stop

 -It is ensure to perfect water stopping by special curved surface contact to concrete easier
-Durable and resilient
-There is no corrosion and aging by acid or alkaline strata and oxygen in the water
-High flexibility - Absorbs external impact
-Maintain the original characteristic in condition of low temperature, earth pressure and water pressure
-Simple operation, reduce time and cost of working, more economic and productivity than other water stop

-Building structure – Basic underground chamber, Slab buttress.
-River / Port : Dam, Bank, Filled ground, buttress, etc.
-Rail / Road : Tunnel, Underground passage, Metro, Elevated bridge, Flat form
-Water and sewer : Reservoir, Sedimentation basin, Water treatment plant, treatment plant, Link canal
-Agriculture dyke : Reservoir, Open channel, Siphon, etc
-Hydroelectric power plant : Dam, Conveyance culvert, Hydraulic jump tunnel surge tank, Drainage
-Thermoelectric power plant : Intake/Drainage channel, Conveyor PIT, etc

Available range of  manufacture
Generally, section width 30m/m – 100m/m. Special manufacture is available for customized.

Complex Water Stop

Complex water stop is complemented problem of existing contraction/expansion water stop and used for construction joints and expansion joints in concrete structure. It is perfect integral water stop which developed various function.
Complex water stop shows double cut-off effect to prevent leakage from expansion joints, top/bottom slab connection, retaining wall, back trowelling and construction joints.

-The combined effect which integrated soft water stop and contraction/expansion water stop
 -Excellent concrete construction and expansion coupling 
-Simple construction
-Durable and permanent products

-Common construction joints(horizontal/vertical connection) 
-Work site where required full-waterproof cut-off 
-Underground structure construction and build joints

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